Who is Matthew?


What we do.

Matthew Whitehead is the director of The Northern Property People. He is extremely passionate about property and getting results. He works closely with a number of personal clients helping them to grow their portfolios and achieve their goals. 

Matthew is from Manchester, and therefore, he has compounded a great deal of local knowledge which he shares with his investors to give them the upper hand when choosing their next investment areas.

Matthew began educating himself in the world of property investing when he was 29 and was able to reach financial independence,  leaving his full time job as Second Officer of a Super Yacht 12 months and 10 days later. Since then, he has employed a number of different investment strategies in order to increase his personal portfolio and, thereby, increasing his passive income. 


Matthew has a true desire to help investors achieve financial freedom through property investing. He avoids selling 'the dream' to potential investors and, instead, he focuses on the realities of property investing and how to get real results... fast!   

"I believe that every challenge has a solution and excuses need to be eliminated. Results speak for themselves" 

Matthew Whitehead                          



We help you get results... simple!

We taylor our services to best suit our clients needs. If you need help sourcing a great deal, developing a property, or you just need us to provide one to one consulting, we are here to help! We will always be straight forward and open with our clients. We are here to bring value to you and your investments and not just to tell you what you want to hear.    


Need help, advice or just fancy a chat?

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