Strategy. Find Tim a house

Location. Salford

Consulting For Client

This property and project was very unique for us, and not what we are used to. However it fit our skill set perfectly and so began the mission 'Find Tim a new home'.

We were contacted by Tim via a business associate and were asked to help him with his search for a suitable property in Manchester where he was considering moving to. 

With this project being so personal to the client, we knew that we would have to understand the clients needs, likes and dislikes in order to source the perfect property. 

We did this by providing Tim with  an all access tour of the city. During this time we were able to point out all areas of the city and provide a wealth of local knowledge that allowed us to narrow down the clients needs.

After the first day we had narrowed down the clients ideal areas and property type. 

We then spent the next month attending viewings on behalf of our client and sending over video footage of the properties that we felt were perfect for him. Once we had received his approval we began negotiations on a few properties to make sure that we secured his ideal home for a great price. 

After a couple of days negotiating we were had agreed the purchase of the perfect home for Tim and we proceeded with the conveyancing. Our client then made the trip up to Manchester the following week to view his new home for the first time and it was love at first sight.

This project was a wonderful experience for everyone involved. We were able to provide our client with local knowledge that can not be found on any website but only in the mind of a true Mancunian. We were also able to approach all potential properties with our investor mentality so that we could ensure that they were buying a asset. 


A year on and we are pleased to report that Tim is still loving his new home and feels that this property was crucial to making his transition from London to Manchester nice and easy.